Valiant Operations

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Costs: free
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Frequency: one per week plus
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Type: Star Trek Play By Forums
Last-Update: 2007Aug22
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Formed as a response to the increasing instability inside the Federation the Task Force was designed for, and assigned to, Rear Admiral Benjamin Walker with the able assistance of Special Operations Colonel Audacious Creed.

It was immediately dispatched on a variety of missions from scientific exploration to the suppression of pirates and just as immediately came to prominence thanks to the skill and dedication of the people crewing the ships that Walker had chosen to make up his Knights.

Since that point the Task Force has gone from strength to strength, growing in number and in eminence, not least of which thanks to the inclusion of a Prometheus class Marine vessel led by Brigadier Chalan Anara. Most recently they have been assigned to join in the Federation's Valiant Operations Fleet out in the lawless, war-torn Antares Sector.

As the year slowly turns to 2385 an uncertain future awaits the proud ships that make up the Knights, but one thing remains very certain indeed, that wherever they go the Knights will continue to exemplify all that is great in the service of the Federation.


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