X-Men: Crossroads

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Costs: Absolutely free
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Frequency: Varies
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Type: PbP X-Men, modern superhero
Last-Update: 2007Aug11
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg, abstract


Many years ago, a man named Charles Francis Xavier had a Dream. Born a mutant, gifted with abilities far beyond those of humankind, he refused to let himself be corrupted by the power he possessed. Instead, seeing more of his kind being born every day and recognizing perils of the gathering storm, he dedicated his life to a vision of humans and mutants living together in peace and harmony.

One of the first mutants, knowing the hardship of being forced to hide and master his powers alone, he established the Xavier Institute. Created as a haven where mutants could learn to use their powers safely and responsibly, it soon became much more. Seeing other mutants misusing and abusing their powers and hearing the supremacist speeches of fellow mutant and one-time friend, Magnus Lenhsherr, Xavier realized the need for a team of mutants to oppose those who would, through misadventure or malice, set off an apocalyptic race war.

Thus the X-Men came to be.

This original team was trained and led by an old friend of his...Logan, aka Wolverine. Logan's co-leader was a young woman and student named Ororo Monroe, aka Storm. For three years, they went on active missions, battling dozens of mutant villains and clashing often with Magneto and his own Brotherhood of Mutants.

Then, on a starless winter night seven years ago, an informant led the X-Men to the hideout of what they believed to be a particularly vicious mutant gang known as The Reavers. Within moments of the heroes' arrival it was revealed to be a trap, but by then it was too late. Faced with overwhelming firepower and hamstrung by conflicting orders from Xavier and Logan, the team was cut to pieces.Claudette and Nicolette St. Croix were killed almost immediately, their sister Monet cut down a few seconds later. With the rest badly wounded, Madrox sacrificed himself, creating dozens of duplicates to hold off the enemy just barely long enough for the rest to escape.

Those few survived, but the X-Men were dead. After making sure his remaining teammates were going to be okay, Logan left.

Almost seven years later, with human/mutant incidents again on the rise, Xavier once again saw a need for a mutant 'police force'. A new team of X-Men that would be a force for good and a way to help peacefully integrate the rapidly emerging Mutant society with the established Human society. To this end, he contacted Logan and asked him to 'come home' and train his 'new' team. Logan reluctantly agreed.

Now, tragedy has struck a second time. Logan, Professor Xavier, and others of the surviving original team have disappeared, leaving only a young man named Scott Summers and a handful of other faculty remaining to protect and teach the students.

Can they survive? Can they prosper? Will the X-Men rise again, and how will they fare against the dual threats of the Master of Magnetism and the fearsome human mutant-hunter known as Nemesis?

Only you can say.


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