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Costs: None.
Frequency: Weekly
Email: davidjosephmoody@ussvictory.org [ok]
URL: http://ussmissouri.net [ dead link ]
Type: General SciFi, Star Trek platform
Last-Update: 2007Aug10
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, snail, www, human, startrek, rpg, abstract


The Missouri is a Starfleet vessel. However, she has a problem: she can't seem to remain in that particular universe of science fiction. The writers of the Missouri simulation are storytellers, bringing aspects of varying universal realms together onto the Missouri platform. The writers work together to craft the story of the starship Missouri.

I myself place a good deal of value on the story of the Missouri. It is free-form, and honest and open. From time to time, we insert a major event into the story, and then work together to craft the plot threads that will lead us to a turning point. This turning point generally allows the characters to establish development, the story to gain markable movement, and myself to learn something about the crew collected.

Thus far, I have found that at each turn of the tale, the group becomes more formidable. While our posts sometimes trickle and sometimes come crashing in in waves, I always find that when we reach a new milestone in the story, I find myself pleased to be surrounded by a masterful group of writers.

We're all adults here at the Missouri, and we appreciate the talents and opinions of others. Occasionally, we'll come across someone who's a great writer, but foul to actually work alongside as a co-author. Sorry, but that's not how we do things. We're here to write a story that in the end we'll actually like and fondly remember writing, not to fuss and moan with each other over triviality.

Each time we gain a new writer in our midst, we refocus on the stories to make them even more engaging, and make absolutely certain to include every writer's main character. We do allow, by the way, multiple characters -- as long as everyone else is not usurped.

The Missouri's writing team has surpassed the notion of any one person being able to truly take over (ala Mary Sue) by allowing all writers to write marginally for other characters. This alleviates the frustration of waiting days for the next writer to write a couple of lines in a necessary response. The idea is to move the story along!

We aren't sure exactly where we'll end up, but we're enjoying the journey, and we invite you to join us.

Missouri Actual, 08.08.07


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