RIS Aylhr

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Email: tlsahm@gmail.com
Frequency: No Turns
URL: http://www.ucip.org/aylhr [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek, Romulan
Last-Update: 2007Jul10
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The RIS Aylhr is one of UCIP's longest running Romulan PBem simulations. Originally Kaohht Hama, the Aylhr was introduced in 2000 as a vessel sim in the Romulan Division of UCIP. In character The Aylhr was placed into the third strike wing of the Galae'tho (Romulan 6th Fleet). Though the game has had its ups and down consistency wise, it has passed the test of time. Recently the former Commanding Officer/GM of Aylhr during its period greatest success had returned to rebuild the simulation.

Presently the Aylhr resides in UCIP's Beta Fleet. In Character however the Aylhr is the flagship of the Rhi'Galae (5th Romulan Fleet) under the command of Vaek'Riov Argelian i-Ahaefvthe tr'Verelan.

During its tenure the Aylhr has won several accolades, including UCIP's prestigious annual Bergen award given to the organization's top Simulations.

A list of former commanding officers:

Faikaru tr'Thrai, Conn'Hae i'Caernu, tr'Rok, tr'Khnialmnae, Argelian tr'Ahaefvthe, Aeryrn t`Isaehj`ey, Sella Donnas


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