Non Stop Wrestling

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Costs: Free
Frequency: N/A
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: E-Fed, Forum, Wrestling, Roleplay, WWE, TNA, Championships
Last-Update: 2007Jul08
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, mixed, modern, rpg, sports


Non Stop Wrestling (NSW) is a wrestling roleplaying/similation game. The similation part is for matches only! What happens is, you sign up and get access to FULL features. Then you make a contract aka character sheet. After it is accepted you get to pick what type of wrestler you are between a power, technical, arialist, or rounder wrestler. Next, based on what you chose, you start out at level one, and are given stats, and moves. Then you get to pick some stat improvements, some extra moves, two signature moves, and one special move. After you are a contracted superstar, that's when it all begins! Make a locker room (rp), roleplay in locations such as the locker rooms, backstage, out of the arena, staff offices, and of course, the ring! Now the ring is just for roleplay, and that's how matches are decided for future events such as PPVs, or just Monday Night Suicide, and Friday Night Pain. Matches are similated based on your moves. We have some made up titles, made up PPVs, and of course made up wrestlers. Real wrestlers ARE allowed, just don't go too far with it. That's bassically everything I can say right now, we have even MORE, like wrestler bios, but you'll have to sign up to see that and more! As of July, 7, 2007, we are new and only have about 6 wrestlers, we NEED more, so if you want to be in a fresh wrestling, then this is your place to make a name for yourself, whether it be continuing your e-fed career, or just starting it. Come join us, this is a new revolution of e-fed wrestling! If you do join, get ready for Non Stop Wrestling!


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