The World of Feila

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Type: furry rpg
Last-Update: 2009Feb14
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Take a look at the second star to the right and you'll see Neverland, head just up and left from that and you'll spy the brainchild of head administrator Todd Sykes, the planet of Feila. Set in the early medieval era where dragons and magic are very much alive and (at least the latter) a part of everyday life, the world is populated by furries and their non-sentient, un-evolved counterparts. Seven countries and one territory exist on six continents and one set of islands. The Kingdoms of Edwin, Gawain, Domus and Maze are home to the domesticated feline, mustilidae, dog and rodent, respectively, while the Dynasties of Kahun and Yamaha play host to the reptiles and big cats. The Artic Islands, newly discovered, are still an enigma to the rest of the "modern world", and the Territory of the Ravens, breeding grounds for Beaked and Skinned Avian alike, is seen as a dangerous place filled with murderers and thieves (which is altogether accurate).

Whether you're in it for the gold, the writing experience or simply to have fun, Feila offers something for everyone. An easily understandable battle system for the fighters, a variety of forums for both role-playing and games, as well as a simulated Casino and Stock Exchange for those with monetary inclinations. But what if you don't like role-playing in a medieval setting or know nothing about it? No problem, the Medieval Information Kiosk is chocked full of information and members are happy to answer questions that might arise, or if you want to get away from the period entirely, the "Dimensional Break" board offers RPers the chance to role-play in a variety of time periods.

The community itself is small enough that "everybody knows everybody", but big enough that you'll find someone to suit your particular RPing tastes. Any character, so long as he or she is believable in the context of the Feilan universe is accepted, including the lesser known furries like arthropods, sea mammals, hybrids and mythical creatures. Thieves, illusionists, con-artists, nobles, assassins, pirates, priests, what-have-you, all roam freely across the world already, so really there's no reason not to join us. You might even catch a glimpse of the infamous and elusive cacomistle, Aros, while you're at it.


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