Yorktown, NX-05 (TFE)

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Costs: Free!
Email: Vorpalrm@gmail.com [ok]
Frequency: One per week
URL: http://nx05-yorktown.firstera.net/ [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek Email sim based in the Enterprise era
Last-Update: 2009Feb09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg


Carrying the registry NX-05 the Yorktown continues the adventure in the early years of Starfleet, before the foundation of the Federation. Starfleet now fields a growing NX fleet, boldly going where no-one has gone before.

With the Romulan War upon us, now is time to join the crew of the Yorktown, as we move through fun and interactive missions.

The Yorktown is a creative writing email simulation based in the timeline following the conclusion of the Star Trek : Enterprise TV series. We're one part of the ever growing, The First Era (TFE) SIM group which has been around for about seven years and hosts a wide and varied choice of simulations.

Although the Yorktown has been going for over six years we're looking for a number of players to fill a variety of positions the following are a few of the open positions :

Armoury Officer, Sensor Tech (Enlisted), Engineering Officer, Warp Core Specialist (Enlisted), Nurse (Officer)

Our goal is for quality over quantity in postings but having said that, we do require one post per week for players to maintain their position on the SIM. We're not a large SIM so each individual counts, but obviously if you can't post in any given week, just let us know. We don't bite :p

Full academy support is given for all new members to the group and we're a friendly bunch so if SIMing is something you haven't tried in the past there's no better place to get your feet wet for the first time. Experienced SIMers are of course also welcome and encouraged!

If you are interested in the Yorktown or The First Era SIM group then please do follow this/these URLs or send an email to yorktown-command@firstera.net and we'll point you in the right direction.

http://www.firstera.net/ - The First Era SIM group

http://nx05-yorktown.firstera.net/ - ESS Yorktown NX-05


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