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Costs: free
Email: star_momma@Yahoo.com [ok]
Frequency: every few days
URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SpideySlash [ dead link ]
Type: comic, adult, Spiderman
Last-Update: 2007Jun22
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


A primarily movie-based Spidey play-by-email game so that we can screw around with the characters and do sick things. Yeah, we're just that way. Yes, bringing in dead chars or chars from the comic is perfectly acceptable. Just be sure you make up a reason. I'm not even saying it has to be a *good* one. Just a reason. The game is set loosely just before the second movie. Please do not ask to join if you do not intend to be a contributing player. The message archive is open to the general public, so if you only want to read, you can do so without joining.

JOINING: If you're a strong writer, don't mind slash (m/m and f/f 'ships), and want to do depraved things to the Spiderman chars, put in your bid for membership. And, yes, although the focus is on slash, we do allow het pairings as well. I will need a writing sample before I approve any applications to join.


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