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Costs: free
Email: [ok]
Frequency: every few days
Type: vampire, adult, horror, supernatural
Last-Update: 2007Jun22
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, vampire, modern, rpg


This is an alternate universe play-by-email roleplaying group.

Vampires have taken control. Far from foolish, they realize that humans are their food source, but they will no longer allow the mere mortals to control them. Having overwhelmed the human majority, vampires slowly built their numbers while retaining humans in camps and private blood banks. Humans are bred carefully to insure the continued presence of their favorite foood source. Will you be a vampiric overlord? A bloodsucker understanding of the human plight? One of the enslaved human captives? Only people who wish to be active players will be allowed to join. The archives are publicly viewable so there is no reason be on the list except to play.

JOINING: This is an adults only game and writing samples are required to join. If you are not of age or do not possess strong writing skills, please do not apply. In addition, both het (m/f) and slash (m/m or f/f) pairings are welcome here. If you are uncomfortable with that, do not apply. If extremes in the way of violence and sexuality bother you, don't apply. I can't promise the content will swing that way, but it is allowed and entirely likely.


Played the game? You can send me comments to be placed on this page by writing But don't write me attempting to join the game -- write the GM, whose address is above.

Are you the GM? You can update your listing by writing If you have something new to say about your game, for example an opening for new players, you can create an announcement for your game.

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