Dark Pretenses

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Costs: Free
Email: dp@artisticchardon.com [ok]
Frequency: N/A
URL: http://dp.artisticchardon.com [ dead link ]
Type: supernatural horror fantasy vampire witch shapeshifter
Last-Update: 2007Jun12
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, vampire


The University of Reading is one of the top Universities in the UK, with a range of departments where students can further their education. Student life is not just about books and essays, it's about partying, finding oneself and having a good time. The University of Reading is no exception to this rule, and like all Universities it caters to all species. Vampires, witches, and shapeshifters live and learn alongside the humans.

Anyone could be a supernatural creature; a fellow student, a campus employee, your roommate, your lecturer, or even your partner. Not only would you never know, but the idea that vampires, witches and shapeshifters exist would never occur to you.

For many generations, Reading and it's University has been a safe place for all species. In the last few weeks the bodies of two vampires (one born and one made) and one shapeshifter (a wolf) have been found and hidden just in time. If the bodies were found by the human authorities it would announce the existence of the supernatural species. The vampires, witches and shapeshifters are worried that a group of hunters has moved into the area. Some are scared and are being careful, while others are angry and out to stop the hunters before anyone else dies.

It is three days into Fresher's week at the University, the week before classes officially start for the University year 2007/2008. Fresher's week is in full swing as the University and older students welcome the new first years (Freshers), helping them make new friends and settle in to University life. There are lots of events, pub crawls, and lots of parties. As everyone gets settled in, some of the supernatural creatures are keeping an eye out for anyone suspicious as they try to identify the hunters that have already killed three people.

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