Remnant Core

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Varies
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Free-form Steampunk Fantasy
Last-Update: 2007Jun07
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Airman Ordil shivered in the perfectly warm air. The enemy vessel hovered ominously just ahead; its broadside cannon billowed white smoke, reminding him of the volley which had very recently cut down several of his compatriots.

"Make ready!" cried the officer, and Ordil started, nearly dropping his weapon. At length he managed to shoulder the musket and point its gleaming bayonet toward the enemy's deck, where pirate gunmen massed in anticipation of boarding.

"Aim!" the officer commanded, and "Fire!" The air filled with loud cracks and the smell of sulfur. Ordil watched in mute horror as pirate after pirate succumbed to the well-aimed shots of the navy musketeers. One foe, hardly beyond boyhood by the look of him, toppled forward over the edge of the deck and fell into azure oblivion. He would fall forever, if rumor held true. Ordil did his best to steady his shaking hands as he stepped back to reload his weapon among the dead and wounded, while the next line of musketeers assumed firing positions.

He spilled his powder across the deck, and cursed loudly. He was frightened, of course, having never seen action aboard a skyship, but he could not falter; his vessel alone stood between the self-serving, destructive pirates and his hometown, built at the continent's edge. As little as failure may have meant to others, it would likely cost him all he knew and loved.

* * * * *

Remnant Core is a free-form play-by-post role-playing experience of hovering continents and flying militaries, of sharp-tongued nobles and shrewd merchants, of firearms and technology and magic. Take part in a story-driven campaign, or direct your own fate; you might alter the course of history no matter what you do.

New as we are, we have already begun to delve into a rich, intriguing story. Even so, our campaign isn't full enough to begin, and we're still seeking skilled writers with character concepts of all sorts. We invite you to visit our web site for more information.


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