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Costs: free
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Type: fantasy, RPG, epic
Last-Update: 2007Jun05
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Ribenheim, named after its founding City, has grown to be the largest of the Human Kingdoms. From the Cold Mountains in the North to the Dividing Hills in the South, from the Great Sea in the West to the Forest of Silvandore in the East, it is easily the size of three lesser Kingdoms combined. Beyond the Cold Mountains, no one knows what or who lives in the harsh, frigid climate. To the south, the Lesser Kingdoms constantly squabble and fight amongst themselves and are never powerful enough to challenge the Kingdom of Ribenheim. But to the East is a different story.

The Forest of Silvandore is a extremely large Forest, covering much of the Eastern region, about 2/3rds the size of Ribenheim. No man dares set goot in the Forest, or the Plains or Hills it encircles, as to do so would mean certain death. The Wood Elves guard their territory fiercely and have been battling the Humans of Ribenheim for over 50 years of constant warfare. Many have suffered and died on both sides, with only small gains made by the Humans.

Recently, King Baldimere Stoutmire, a grizled war veteran and King of Ribenheim, has managed to Sue for Peace in an attempt to end the hostility that preceded even his birth. The War with the Elves ended about a month ago, but the Peace is very fragile. There are many Humans who would kill an Elf on sight, making the coming Midsummer Festival all the more important - an Elven Contingent is traveling to the Capital City of Ribenheim in the attempt to help broker a greater peace between the two countries.

But there are those who would rather see Chaos reign free, bringing death and destruction to all. They plot to permanently shatter the peace between Elf and Man in order to pave the way for their Master and his Hordes to come swarming over the land.

The Temple of the Sun is one of the largest Temples in the City of Ribenheim. It is a relatively new religion to the Kingdom, its origins unknown, but is increasingly popular with the towns folk. Rumors abound about what happens inside its walls and some even say that those girls who go missing are kidnapped by the minions of the High Priest. Anyone who tries to discover the truth usually ends up missing themself, or are found floating on their bellies in the Bay.

In the Palace, preparations are beginning to be made in preparation for the arrival of the Elves and the Midsummer Festival. The Prince is still unmarried though he takes advantage of his position to sleep with whom he wants. Nobles constantly vie for the Kings favor, especially with lush lands still to be dealt out to promising Lords near the Elven Border to the East. Not to mention the prospect of marrying a daughter off to the Prince.

The Kingdom flourishes with the end of the War, the Docks district constantly busy with new shipments coming in from all over the Kingdom by boat, either down the Kings River or from the sea. The Slavers from the Deep South constantly bring exotic people and creatures from territories untraveled by people from Ribenheim, Ribbens as they are called, always fetching a fair price at the auction block.

All is not as it seems, however. Troubling reports and rumors trickle in from the North about an Evil that operates at Night. Patrols on the Great Watch go out but never come back in. Villages found completely empty, devoid of any sign of life other then crows pecking at rotting food. Anything associated with the King, whether his troops or messengers, are constantly going missing. What will the King decide to do? Risk a war against a mysterious foe, asking for a war-weary nation to send its sons back to war?

All is not good and the Midsummer Festival will prove a welcome break from the politics of daily life.

--- YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD TO JOIN THIS GAME. Mature players only.

Characters Needed:

The Queen (TAKEN) The Prince (TAKEN) Nobles/Wives/Daughters Servants Priestess TAKEN Shopkeepers Guards/Captain of the Guards Adventuruers Princess from the South Elven Princess (TAKEN) Elven Guard/Contingent Street Urchins/Thugs/Gangs/Thieves


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