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Costs: Start up Free, 3 free turns, then £2.50 a turn.
Frequency: 10 Days
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy Empire Wargame
Last-Update: 2007Sep27
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, snail, computer, fantasy, wargame, rpg


Enter into the Fantasy realm of Cardack as a Skavern, Elf, Grey Elf, Dark Elf, Iceman, Orc, Pixie, Gnome, Goblin, Human, Wulfman, or Dwarf.

Start with a Simple village and four characters with the lowly rank of Squire and seek to expand your empire and increase you rank and power, strive to become kings and even to challenge the power of the Ancients themselves.

Join one of the Clans of Cardack, the noble House of Imperiums, the peaceful House of Moons, the Secretive Order of Time, the musical Brotherhood of Man, the insidious House of Serpents, or the Bloodthirsty and evil House of Blood.

Create your characters from classes such as Warrior, Rogue, Wizard, Priest, Bard, or Ranger, all with their own powers and abilities. Advanced character classes will become available through game play.

Seek Wishes from your liege lord to enable fantastic abilities, Carry artefacts of wondrous power to aid you in battle, magic, stealth or murder, and many other powers. Visit the secret locations of Cardack and unlock the powers of the mystical stones, henge's, pools and groves that lie across the lands of Cardack. Visit Trade cities to purchase and sell trade items, purchase artefacts, and hire some hirelings to join your empire.

The Drums of War are sounding across Cardack, will you be the one to stand forth and lead your people to victory ? Will you rise and seek to Challenge the Ancients or falter and be crushed beneath your enemies might ?


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