Saga Of Nightstalker

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Type: ADnD
Last-Update: 2009Dec31
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Welcome fellow adventurer want-to-be's:

I am often looking for starting characters to play in my PBEM. I am using primarily 3rd edition AD&D for rules, but have developed my own world that is lacking a few more player characters. Typically everyone begins solo (should PCs find each other groups up to three may be formed - this allows the game to continue moving.)

As of now (Dec. '09) I'm looking for 4 adventurers to join in my campaign in a particular area (a city full of turmoil, rebellion and strife). More on this if you should decide to join.

A little about my world:

It would be considered a new world with no firm countries and boundaries, though some would say otherwise. There are kingdoms, and rulers and such, but much of the world is still very untamed. Entire kingdoms have been known to dissolve in a matter of years while other rulers have a firm grasp on a particular city. Adventure, wealth, danger and death is everywhere. All dreams are ready to be sought.

1. All standard classes, races, alignments are allowed (by 3rd ed. or 3.5) except Druids and elves. Others may be accepted, but probably not.

2. Magic users (primarily spell-casters though priests are sometimes included) are considered untrustworthy at best and put to immediate death at worst. There is a good deal of magic, but the mere mention of it is dangerous.

3. Tension between the races is very high. Most of the larger populated areas are human settlements. Dwarves are tolerated in busy markets and ports for their ore, woods and navigation ability. (Dwarves are the primary merchants for goods traveling via river or ocean.)

4. Any religion is allowed though some question the difference between divine and arcane magic.

To submit a player character please send a character with all statistics, feats, skills, and a detailed personal history to .

Characters initial stats may add to no more than 75. (This may seem low, but I am interested in character development, not how many 18 stats a character has. I may award some initial stats based on detailed history.)

As for the detailed history, I am looking for something interesting: reason for adventuring, goal for stealing, rationale for joining a militia group, sought knowledge, etc.

The world is open for the adventure and ANYTHING you can think of seeking can be sought and perhaps found over time. (The only historical piece that I will probably change are town/city names, and appropriate starting materials (if any).)

Should you have any questions email me at the above address. I may ask you to flesh out some information prior to starting or even accepting your PC to get a better idea of what you are thinking about.

Honest Warning:

Unfortunately due to the nature of PBEM, the pace is rather slow and turn-over is high. This PBEM has been around since the early 1990's, though some years have been much better (about 18 online players actively involved, plus some table top) to the most current year of only 4 actively playing(PBEM). I know that life gets in the way, and circumstances change in both your real-life and mine. The general pace is 1-2 moves every week. (sometimes more, sometimes less depending on real-life and how quickly everyone involved replies). If you cannot honestly commit to this, please look elsewhere.


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