Black Dawn

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 3 per week
Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2007May29
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Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes. Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) German writer.

Black Dawn is a 3.5 ed D&D Play-by-Email game that is seeking ambitious individuals who are striving to find their place in the sun. We are looking for well developed characters and creative players with a passion for prose. Storytelling will dominate over rule-lawyering and player-to-player interaction is encouraged.

Below is a brief description of the setting and general idea, although this is really only just scratching the surface. If you like what you read, please e-mail me at [B][/B] and I'll send you a Player's Guide in PDF and a character sheet for perusal.

We're currently looking for 4 players, maybe 5. If you have any questions gimme a shout!

Jenn (The GM)

------------ --World of Haden--

Little is known about the small world of Haden. Humans have long forgotten distant realms and have isolated themselves on a large island in the northern hemisphere. Brydale is bitterly cold in the north and nearly tropical to the south. It's a world of extremes, hardships, and life shattering decisions.

The land of Brydale is ruled by a medieval, feudal-like system of Lords and Kings, united under the golden banner of the current Empress. There are several independant states, but the last war fought over territory happened a decade ago. Brydale is ruled by a simple system of rulership, only the strongest can maintain her grip.

Wracked with spiritual troubles and a rapidly dwindling food supply, the social landscape is poised for an epic change. Citizens who are losing their faith in their guardians are crying for a new brand of Hero.

--People of Brydale--

Ancient tales and legends speak of beautifully powerful elves, tenacious dwarves, and sly halflings. Once there were dragons and fey and men hunted birds that were the size of a house. However, Brydale is now home to only a small human population of around 300,000. Mythical beasts and magic are now only a faint memory.

The change happened swiftly a little over 500 years ago. The One True God presented himself to humans and told them of a future where they dominated the lands. The humans of Brydale abandoned their old Gods as easily as a child tosses away an unloved toy. The Abandoned Gods still linger weakly, wielding what little influence they have left on Brydale.

--Setting of Black Dawn--

Magic in the setting of Black Dawn is incredibly rare. A chosen few are able to wield it's power, but they are regarded as ancient relics tying humans to a violent and pagan past. Abandoned champions are often killed on sight and many find life unbearably hard. Those who do survive have a chance to wield a great amount of power. Occasionally, even a few magical artifacts from the past can be found. There are those in Brydale who sense the wind of change on the air.

The main struggle for humans in Black Dawn is their duality of nature. Many are torn between good and evil, and man is eternally pitted against himself. In this seemingly united society, what passions and urges are trying to pull it apart? Will it fall back into the chaos of the past is it so afraid of, or will it blossom into a new Renaissance?


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