USS Venture

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[USS Venture - Bridge]

As soon as the first ships began to make their way into the wormhole, Rachel Nim was one of the first to notice something amiss. She was sitting at the main Science station, off to the side on the Bridge and had been feeding over telemetry data, readings from the wormhole and such to Weston at the OPS console. Just as the Relentless and the first half-dozen ships were fully enveloped within the wormhole, her main monitor began throwing up red warning lights.

The permanently stationed communications buoy located on the Gamma Quadrant side of the wormhole must have malfunctioned, she surmised, because as soon as members of the convoy entered the wormhole, all contact was lost. She crooked an eyebrow in concern and forwarded that info, marked urgent, to Weston as well.

Aeris paused in her movements as the information from the science station popped up on her screen and began flashing. She immediately scanned the data that she had been sent. *Rachel?*

Aeris could hear the worry and concern that the Science officer was broadcasting. Something was amiss, she quickly tried to re-establish communication with any of the ships that were now passing though the wormhole. Getting nothing in her attempts she passed on a message to DS9 that communications to the Gamma quadrant were unavailable.

Ship after ship entered the wormhole and in moments the Venture itself dove inside. With such a high amount of traffic, the wormhole had remained open throughout instead of cycling down after each transit. At the exact moment that the Venture was engulfed by the energies of the wormhole, the XO let out a gasp and clutched his head.


The USS Venture is a Galaxy-class starship with a proud history of service to Starfleet and the Federation. Their newest assignment is as Lead Support Vessel for the Tr'funga II colony mission, the first Federation colony to be located in the Gamma Quadrant. This massive undertaking has just gotten underway and all of the ships of the fleet have headed into the wormhole... only to emerge on the far side amidst the remnants of a star gone nova. Nothing is as it was before.

Come join the crew of the Venture as they seek out a new home for the last remnants of the Federation and strive to find ways to protect themselves against a hostile galaxy that has long forgotten the Federation.

You may visit us on the web at

We currently have several positions open including HELM, Asst OPS, Asst SEC, Asst ENG, Asst MED, NCO/Enlisted positions and a number of Civilian spots.

Captain Ben Hamilton Commanding Officer USS Venture NCC-71854


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