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Costs: playtest is free
Email: admin@wow.pbemgame.com
Frequency: once per week
URL: http://www.wow.pbemgame.com/
Type: fantasy empire building game of magic
Last-Update: 2007May18
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, computer, fantasy, wargame, economic, rpg


War of Wizards 2.0 (WoW 2.0) is a strategy, fantasy, PBeM (Play By e-Mail) game involving wizards raising armies, managing resources and researching magic. As a player you can: Send heroes exploring towers, caves and graveyards, build armies and send them out to conquer your enemies, research the magic arts in areas ranging from Necromancy to Druidic, construct towns, defences and buildings such as Sages Guilds, Taverns, Ship Yards and Beast Pits, feed peasants generously or enslave them. Basically you can do as you wish.

The only restriction is surviving the onslaught of other wizards with similar megalomaniacal intentions. Diplomacy is the key, conversing with other wizards to trade resources, forge alliances and backstab others.

WoW 2.0 is set in a variety of different fantasy worlds. You take the role of a wizard leading one of the many cities inhabited by one of the 16 races of the worlds of WOW. If the game looks interesting read through the rules first and also have a look at the current games. If you're suitably impressed then fill out the sign-up form for a FREE or COMMERCIAL game.


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