Paths to Mossflower

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Costs: none, free
Frequency: once every 3-5 days
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Redwall fantasy
Last-Update: 2007May05
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Through the mists, and through the wood, Lives beasts of hate and beasts of good. Where travelers sing of battles won, And celebrate that rising sun. Where seasons turn, and feasts are grand, Where our battlcry rings through the land. Where paws will tread, and blades will sing, Where the birds tell our tale upon their wing. Where the ocean shores crash with foam, Where we know our friends will lead us home. Where vermin hide and goodbeasts live, Where the dark will take and the good will give. Come one, come all, and sieze the day. Let not your stories fade away. Through memory, embrace those dreams, Let it always be more than it may seem.

Welcome one and all to Mossflower? What? Ye've never been t'Mossflower afore? Well then come along then! Sit yer tail down and enjoy a nice cup o' strawberry cordial, or would ye prefer some cool October Ale? Never th'mind.

Well, ye've come to a grand place traveler. A place full of heroes and villains, warlords and warriors; from the humble to the arrogant. Haven't ye ever heard o' Martin the Warrior and his grand Redwall Abbey? The sandstone structure is nestled comf'tably in the midst of our Mossflower Woodlands. 'Tis a fine place, great ol' feasts and freindly beasts t'boot! Or ye could travel over to Salamandastron, Mountain of Fire, home to the mighty Badger Lords. Follow our beautiful River Moss and meet with our wily river otters and bands of Guosim. Don't ye know them at least? The Guerilla Union of Shrew in Mossflower? Friendly folk, good shrewbeer and great cooks. Ye should pop them a visit.

Enjoy the land, lad and embrace these days. The season is fine and the days are warm. Remember well each step y'take. Who knows, maybe one day you too will be a hero of this great land, and t'other beasts will sing yer tale to the winds!


Paths to Mossflower is a free-form Redwall RPG of the greatest proportions. Become a Badger Lord, a Redwall Abbot/Abbess, lead your own Holt of otters or become a wise Log-A-Log and lead your shrews to victory! Become a vermin warlord of the cruelest nature or lead a ship full fo searats to glory and the finest vittles! So, come and all, and travel down those Paths of Mossflower, where you can live your own adventure, and the other beasts will sing of your prowess for seasons to come!

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