Star Trek Redemption

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Costs: Free
Frequency: One post a week minimum.
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Type: Star Trek PBeM RPG, set in 2390 during a Federation Civil War.
Last-Update: 2007May01
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg, abstract


In 2390 the Federation President is shot dead. Following these terrible events, which also resulted in the death of the USS Redemption's executive officer, the crew of the Redemption must unite together to uncover the plot behind the President's assassination. What happened next was not what they expected.

Tracking the assassin to a lifeless system near Romulan territory, Captain Ashcart and his crew uncovered a malicious organisation intent on overthrowing the Federation Government. With the help of a traitor onboard the Redemption, this new organisation nearly succeeded in their plans - that was until the traitor was killed, and their outpost destroyed.

Over subsequent months the Redemption unearthed a number of additional terrorist organisations, including the Andorian "Confederacy of the Underdark" and the Bajoran "Kaal Taan". Political tensions then increased further as a Romulan fleet entered Federation space, claiming that Romulus had fallen at the hands of a terrifying new foe. The Redemption's first encounter with this new enemy shortly thereafter resulted in the death of a well-loved officer, and her rebirth into one of their own kind! And it is now apparent that their next major target is Earth!

With public confidence in the Federation now at an all-time low, the Alpha Quadrant has all-but broken down into a state of civil war. On a day now known as "Devolution Day" the Kaal Taan terrorist organisation was able to successfully bomb the Federation Council, killing all but a few of the possible successors to the Federation presidency. On this day Starfleet's entire sixth fleet also defected, and took up arms against the Federation.

How long can the Federation last without a President... without peace... and without hope? These are the voyages of the starship Redemption...

"Star Trek Redemption" is a PBeM (play by e-mail) RPG set in the late 24th Century, which utilises uniquely created characters to expand upon the known "Star Trek" Universe. If you are interested in our story, and are willing to participate with us, then you can find your way to our application page from the website listed with this advertisement.

Andrew Craven, co-GM Aka Lt. Commander Rhyan, Executive Officer / Chief Science Officer


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