The Crown of Erynnor

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Type: Fantasy PBEM
Last-Update: 2007Apr08
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The people of Aryn struggle under persecution from those who invaded their land. Many years ago, the exact time now lost in legend, the Grendelm had come to Erynnor, and battle after battle was fought as the men of Erynnor struggled to keep their land free from the Grendelm.

The Grendelm's numbers were great, but still the men of Erynnor made blood the price of their surrender. For years sporadic battle continued, as the last pockets of resistance were worn away, until the generation passed and the fighting was such that few even remembered a battle, let alone what had been fought for.

The land then known as Erynnor, became known as Aryn after the Grendelm invasion, as though not even its name could be left free, and the name of Erynnor became but a distant memory of a time when children laughed freely, and men danced their joy at the end of a seven.

Now the children know only Aryn, and the tyranny of their Grendelm rulers. The line of the last King of Erynnor has disappeared, hidden for generations by families and strangers, till even they are no longer aware of who they are.

But still the legends exist that tell the stories of Erynnor, and the hopes for a new King to raise the standard of Erynnor once again. To fight the Grendelm and have Light reign again in fair Aryn. The blood of Erynnor sings strongly in its people, and the prophecies foretell the coming of a new King in Erynnor.

But first, the Crown of Erynnor must be found.

Come join the Hunt for the Crown of Erynnor.


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