Reality Check Wrestling

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Costs: Free
Email: [ok]
Frequency: One Show Per Week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: E-Wrestling
Last-Update: 2009Feb09
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, sports


Hi. My name is Paul Harrison, and I am in charge of Reality Check Wrestling, which is a two month old e-wrestling company looking for some new talent. We run one weekly show called Tuesday Night Massacre, and one pay per view a month. The reason behind our company name is that I feel that television wrestling uses "gimmick" matches (steel cage match, no holds barred match, etc.) too often.

In RCW, unless it's a specific week that has a theme, those type of matches are generally only at the monthly pay per view events, as to limit their use.


In RCW, we use an all created wrestler system, whereby you create a fictional wrestler of your own and write interviews/promos for them, with the winners being judged based on roleplay scores, which there is a system for. Your scores for each roleplay will be tallied. Once that is done, all of your totals will be added up and averaged. In a tag team match, this will done twice. First, everyone's separate roleplays will be averaged. Then, the team's averages will be averaged again, giving your team it's total score. Higher average for the wrestler/team wins.


So everyone knows, I'm TOTALLY impartial. I could care less who wins the titles. If you and I have out of game issues, but you still out class your opponent that week, you would still win. If we don't have issues, but you lose a few times in a row, talk to me politely about it and I will try to help you.


The minimum requirements for a roleplay is twenty lines of text, which once you see how others write, really isn't a lot. Also, you only are REQUIRED to post one roleplay a week. However, you are allowed up to THREE for a weekly show and FOUR for a pay per view. Generally, if you write well and write more than one a week, there's a great chance you will win.


As you will see if you look at our site, we have three championships currently. Only the World Championship is in use due to lack of members. However, as soon as applications start coming in, the North American and Massacre Championships will be brought into use. In the event of someone who is already a champion becoming the World Champion, they will have the option of defending two championships (and when I say that, I do mean defend them BOTH on any given pay per view), or forfeit the lower title. Here is how the titles work.

World Championship: Self explanatory. It's THE title in RCW. If you carry this championship, you are considered top of the company.

North American Championship: Want to prove yourself as a major player in RCW, but aren't sure you want to take on the main stage just yet? This is the title to do it. If you are the North American Champion, you are one of the elite roleplayers in the company, but not quite the MOST elite. Now, before anyone thinks this is a bad thing, fear not. If you are North American Champion, you can still get a shot at the big one if I feel you have earned one, so this doesn't bind you to not getting a World Championship match.

Massacre Championship: For all of you guys who like the all "gimmick" match style, this is the one for you. Every match for this championship, including the number one contender matches is some form of no holds barred. Whether it be a cage match, falls count anywhere, what have you, this division is a good place for the hardcore lovers. Also a good starting point for every wrestler to earn some gold.

That is pretty much everything you need to know. Anything you want to know that I missed, add me to MSN with the e-mail above, or e-mail me at that same e-mail address. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you soon.


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