Space Trader

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Costs: Test-game free
Frequency: 3 turns per week
Type: sci-fi economics
Last-Update: 2007Mar22
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, mixed, space, economic


This game is based on the board game "Merchant of Venus". Each player explores the galaxy looking for systems to buy and sell cargo to earn money. Unlike the board game where the result of everyone's exploration is public knowledge, in this game each player's map is private. The only clue you have of the other players progress is as you visit various systems, the natives will tell you who visited them recently.

Of course the galaxy isn't all friendly, you'll have to avoid pirates, black holes, radiation fields, etc.

Plan your routes wisely and you'll win.

The object of the game is to find five gems to return to the Galactic Museum. The players need to earn money to upgrade their ships, buy bigger and better cargos and of course, buy the gems to return to the museum.

This version of the game is the base economic game. I plan on creating another version with combat between the players and NPCs. This is a stepping stone to work out the bugs.

The test game is limited to 20 players. That will give the system a good stress test.


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