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URL: https://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/legendaryrpg/info
Type: Superhumans in High School
Last-Update: 2007Mar18
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


High School

Rich. Elite. Sports Stars. Cheerleaders. Golden. Stars.

Nerds. Goths. Slackers. Bullies. Punks. Losers.


A year ago, all the comic book origins, all the stories from both World Wars, all of the fears and dreams of normal people started coming true. Magic can produce miracles. Ancient Artifacts are being discovered. Curses and Monsters rise from myth. Superhuman powers develop overnight. A world like ours, where heroes exist in comics and movies and old museum exhibits, but now is entering the first Heroic Age.

High school and superpowers. Costumes and secret identities. Good friends and vicious rivals. School politics... and maybe fighting some crime after the last class bell.

This is a game still early in its career, where the superhumans of the school have not formed a hero team, have only met in battle once or twice, and the politics of high school are just as tough to deal with as the criminals on the streets.

It's the start of the school year, the start of football season, and the day of cheerleader tryouts. The students are still getting to know each other, making friends, trying to find their places, and struggling with the idea of using these powers for real.

We need more heroes, more students, more rivals or friends. Popular kids, football players, cheerleaders are among the most desired. But the ranks of the poor kids, the bitter lower incomes, outnumber the privileged and confident few.

Posting is encouraged to be between a few times a week and a few times a day, and we welcome players that want to get involved in all the shared stories of people's lives.

(Also, the wiki entry is under works, and the yahoo group needs more pictures and files!)


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