The Numbers Game

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Costs: Free!
Frequency: every day (midnight)
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: number guessing game
Last-Update: 2007Mar11
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, computer, modern, abstract


Your goal in The Numbers Game is to guess a number that will be, at the end of the round, closest to the average* guess of all the players for that round. You may enter any number between 0 and 999.999. Each player may only have one guess per round; you may change your guess as often as you like but only the last guess counts. *average: the sum of all guesses divided by the number of players who guessed.

Every day at midnight the game calculates the average of all the guesses, figures out who's guess is closest to that value and awards them the win for the round.

It probably seems too simple to be worthwhile but, it turns out, there are trends. If you can predict the trends you can win more often. If several people figure out the trends then they are all trying to predict how the fact that other players know the trends will affect the trendes themselves. Deceptively deep. Yet very simple. (Trip Hawkins used to say "A game should simple, hot and deep." Two out of three ain't bad... )

The game runs from a web page (; you need to register but registration is free.

More information at


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