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Costs: free
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Frequency: 1 per week
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Type: new Stargate sim in a different universe!
Last-Update: 2007Mar06
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[ Mar 29, 2007: SGX, the alternative Stargate PBEM, is still recruiting. We have a small though dedicated number of players though still looking for new players (required: human SGX technician/communications expert, militray specialists etc) . Posting frequency 1 per week. If you are interested pease contact me or visit the site (as per current listing/contact details) ]

SGX: "A New Beginning"

In early 2007 a new Stargate was unearthed during an archaeological dig in the mountains beneath the lost Inca city of Macho Pichu in the Urubamba Valley, Peru, South America. A previously undiscovered Stargate device was discovered deep in an ancient cave-system which had been substantially extended by the Inca's (with the possible assistance of a previously unknown Ancient civilisation) which includes Pichu-esque stone buildings, living quarters and monuments of Inca religious significance.

It is surmised that, possibly, some remnants of the ancient Inca civilisation used the lost Stargate to escape from the advancing Spanish conquistadors. The Inca's then left behind some individuals who collapsed the entrance to the ancient cave network where the Stargate is located. Unlike the Stargate at Cheyenne Mountain this Stargate (or "Stargate X" as it has been classified) has a DHD device in place. The DHD device shows sign of substantial damage possibly inflicted by the Inca's who were left behind in a primitive attempt to make the Stargate unusable if discovered

Though similar to the other earth-based Stargates (at SGC Cheyenne Mountain, Antarctica etc) "Stargate X" has a separate eigth chevron. After some detailed analysis by SGC technical personnel the new chevron was thought to be an indicator for a previously unknown galaxy so distant as to be untraceable from Earth similar to the Ida galaxy (ref "The Fifth race" episode SG1).

Following recent research and several remote (unmanned) missions it has been discovered that this premise may be incorrect and that the extra chevron may indicate that it is used so that the Stargate can access a different universe (or dimension) altogether along with a separate network of multiple ancient Stargates unconnected to the original Stargate network of the SGC in Cheyenne Mountain. Some discreet questions have been asked of allied Ancient races (Asgard etc) though they have given no hint that they knew of this separate ancient Stargate network.

SGC has now taken control of the remote cave network deep in the Urubamba Valley, designated as the "Bingham SCX Complex" (after Hiram Bingham the discoverer of Machu Pichu in 1911) and recently began to operate a smaller experimental SGC operation (recently designated as SGXC or "Stargate eXperimental Command"). Through top level talks it has been decided to put together a new small team of individuals to discover what lies beyond the Stargate of SGX...

The game:

SGX is a designed to be a new sim (PBEM game) based in an extension of the Stargate Universe (made popular by the Stargate movie, Stargate SG1 & Stargate Atlantis TV series).

SGX has a new spin, ideas and planned story lines as the new SGX Team travel into previously undiscovered universe, with new ancient races, technologies and worlds to discover.

SGX is now looking for players, writers and contributors. The Players will make up the team members of the brand new SGX1 Team (requiring a mix of personnel with military, scientific, technological support as well as archaeological knowledge/background). Also required are PC/NPC SGX personnel for Bingham SGX complex in Peru.

I would prefer all new characters if possible (though canon characters will be considered).

Please contact me or visit the Yahoo groups site for more information...


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