The Campaign For All time

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Costs: Nothing
Email: [ bouncing email address ]
Frequency: At LEAST once a week.
Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2007Feb22
Keywords: free-moderation, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, wargame, rpg


Yes, it's back in all it's glory. The campaign to end and begin all campaigns. The setting is in a land of fantasy, magick, kingdoms, quests, and battles. Herein you shall find magical mists, creatures of the night, brave souls, and portals to other worlds. Come, come into this fantastical realm. Bring your dreams, bring your fears. Bring your joy and sadness. Find what awaits you in hungry anticipation. Seek your fate be it ill or true. Become lost in the whirling mists. Do you dare to breach the threshold or are you still steeped in your own fear? "All will be well."...maniacal laughing commences afar off..."All will be well."


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