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Costs: free
Frequency: once per week
Type: AD&D 2nd. Ed (loose rules)
Last-Update: 2007Jan21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


The party _was_ exploring an abandoned library in search of an old scroll bearing the old Tunsenain Alphabet for a wealthy client. While searching for the book, they stumble onto an old study chamber with a living man inside! Alive, but sleeping as it seems. He is old, his beard curling around the floor in wisps of silver, as if he has been sleeping there since time began. Moldy, dusty books pile on the floor around his chair. He holds in his lap a book, and while all attempts to stir the man from his trance prove futile, the party notices that he's not sleeping at all. He's reading from the book! Closer investigation proves that as the man reads, words appear on the pages of the book. But sadly, it is too late! The party finds that as they are investigating this seemingly impossible occurance, they each have at least glanced at the pages of the book, letters form, and the man turns the page. With each passing hour, the party falls into the story. They find that they are, in fact being written into the book and are at this point powerless to resist the spell. The book is bound in green papyrus, and the only inscription on the cover says magnificently in silver leaf letters: GAMEHENGE.

The party wakes up from a sleep they didn't realize they had succumb to in a grassy meadow in the middle of a dense, semitropical rainforest...

OOC: This is a campaign of my design, loosely based on a story told to me once told long ago. I've used some of my old characters from other PBeM games to make NPC's, all random folk in the game come from my travels in the real world (This game is totally open to random encounters). I'm looking for a group of about 3-5 players with diverse characters (class, race, etc.). No super characters please, but feel free to make up stats as long as they are reasonable. I've always had a slant towards flawed characters, (wizards with amnesia, nearsighted fighters, dwarves with TS, etc.) so I guess that's my way of saying I play for fun and amusement rather than hit dice and rules. I award experience points based on role-playing ability, writing style, and good ideas. Soon enough, the party will meet my NPC liason to the gameworld, written into the story to provide help, information, and company to the group.

Characters start out at 3rd level with one low level magical item befitting of character personality and the clothes on their backs. This is a med-high magic campaign, emphasis on character interaction and role-play. Low-Med dungeon crawl, high overland travel. My rules go, don't pay any attention to your books, I roll all dice when needed (I'm fair). The campaign can go along pretty much on its own as long as enough people are playing.

Anybody interested should drop me an e-mail.


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