To Kill a King

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Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2007Jan21
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It's over. Egert the Mad, last of the Trimarian kings, has fled and the Barons have taken the Chrysanthemene Throne. The old order has reasserted itself and the Land of the Dawn shall no longer know foreign rule.

The Trimarian kings came from the East. The first, Elabar, conquered half of the Land of the Dawn and forced the other half - the still independent Barons in the South - to swear fealty. For two centuries his dynasty ruled the Land of the Dawn as their personal fief. That is, until Egert the Mad took to the throne and, through a combination of casual cruelty and gross incompetence, finally forced the native Barons to rise and throw off the Trimarian yoke. And after one summer campaign, they did so, and Egert the Mad fled to the unclaimed lands in the West.

Now it's over, and the Barons are electing a new king, a native Dawnish man, and the Land will know freedom.

But it's not over for you. You have every reason to hate Egert the Mad. And the fact that he is still alive - that he has fled - is something you cannot countenance. You will never be able to rest knowing that, somewhere, he might still be alive. You have to find him, and end him for sure, so that you can know peace.


'To Kill a King' is a tale of high adventure in the unclaimed Western lands. It's a tale of journeying, of travel in uncharted territory, of maybe endless hunting. It's above all a tale of revenge.

Interested? Send me a 1st Level character sheet and a brief character background - detailing the reason why your character wants his/her own personal revenge on Egert the Mad - to tsitsatsa at There are no restrictions on characters, except to say that I prefer well roleplayed player's handbook classes and races (above all humans) to shadow-witch half-dragon blood assassins-types. Any allignment is fine - but just because you're Chaotic Evil doesn't mean you have license to annoy everybody. Cooperation will be vital to succeed.

Attributes to be determined by rolling 4d6 and dropping the lowest score. Maximise hit points and starting cash. The game will be played with standard 2nd Edition rules, but players without experience in 2nd Edition should have little difficulty adjusting.

As far as gaming style goes, I like things fast-paced and action-packed. DM turn posts will be two or three times a week, while PC-PC and PC-NPC interaction will be continuous. I'm less interested in reading cod fantasy literature than I am in playing a good roleplaying game, but I'm still looking for players with a good knowledge of punctuation and grammar and a mature outlook.

That mail address again is tsitatsa AT


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