Kingdoms of Arcania

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Costs: $10 monthly for ten turns
Email: [ok]
Frequency: every 3 days
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: fantasy wargame
Last-Update: 2007Jan18
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, www, computer, fantasy, wargame, economic, rpg


Kingdoms of Arcania is the long-awaited successor to Fall of Rome, based upon the designer's other Origins award winning game, Alamaze. It is nearing its beta stage as of late January 2007. The first release, The Realm of Arda features six Greater Kingdoms such as The High Elves of Mistwood and The Tyrant of Gor, and five Lesser Kingdoms including Cimmeria and The Amazons. Game play features highly developed political, military, economic, and magical elements, as well as an in-game interplayer messaging system. The web site is From the site:

Welcome to the ultimate online strategy game! Kingdoms of Arcania is an absorbing episodic strategy game, where you outwit, not out-click, your human opponents in a multiplayer online strategy game. Kingdoms of Arcania is a very challenging multiplayer online fantasy game, and when you play it along with its sister online war game, Fall of Rome, you will experience the premier multiplayer online strategy games on the Internet! Kingdoms of Arcania and Fall of Rome surpass the intrigue, paranoia and anticipation previously found only in the best multiplayer games. Brilliant online game play is enhanced by an intuitive graphic interface that shatters old barriers to serious fun! We invite you to explore our Web site and join in the fun and challenge of the best online strategy games: play Fall of Rome today, and check back later for Kingdoms of Arcania.


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