Temporal Station 1

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Costs: Free
Email: Albinosmurf01@aol.com
URL: http://www.freewebs.com/temporalstation/ [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek, fantasy RPG
Last-Update: 2006Dec22
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


In 2855, the 29th Century, a war broke out between several future factions, the United Federation of Planets being one of them. They developed weapons and technology that allowed them to travel back and forth between time periods to alter history. Temporal incursions into the enemies past where the most effective ways. Much like the Borg traveling from 24th Century Earth to the mid 21st Century to assimilate mankind. But like with that situation, someone stopped them. If you have ever thought that something that was stopped was a coincadence, or something that was started was a coincadence, think again. In 2862 the war came to an end. Scientist theorized that all of the time travel would one day destroy subspace and with that, the entire known galaxy. They where unfortunately right. In late 2862 the Alpha Quadrant began to de-materialize into nothing. It just vanished as space and subspace became no more. Both the Federation and the enemies of the Federation who where trying to destroy each other in turn destroyed themselves. Ships were filled until they over flowed trying to outrun the shockwave that started in 2863 that in a matter of our monthes, destroyed the Alpha Quadrant, Beta Quadrant, and most of the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. But, some ships did escape. The only way that they could escape, through time. The year is 2571, the 26th century. Here on past Earth, ten starships from the future landed. Their commanders where quickly brought before the Federation Council. By 2573 a coalition in the Alpha and parts of the Gamma Quadrant where formed. It was called the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. Like with the forming of the Federation, war, disease, and poverty where virtually ended. Once all of the Alpha Quadrant factions saw that their future was at stake, they couldn't allow an outside enemy force to destroy what it took them centuries to build. Not wanting to destroy other time periods, they couldn't travel into the future; only into the past.

Temporal Station 1 was one of the first stations built to aid the Temporal Division in its mission of protecting the timeline. Built from the remnants of an old starbase,near the edge of the Delta Quadrant, it was at first, a very useful outpost. But, the station began to decay as it became not as important as it once was, until it was all but abandoned.

Now, it is beginning to be re-inhabited. The new crew finds that it is old, falling apart at its very seams. Power outages, and systemn failures are very common, and it is still not considered important. But, as new importance is placed on it, it must be both re-built, and held together, and defended from any threat.


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