The Silver Morning Star

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In the future of Alagaësia, Eragon and Saphira have defeated Galbatorix and his dragon Shruiken. With their leader dead, the Empire crumbles quickly under the attacks of the Varden and Surda along with Eragon and Saphira. Where Murtagh and his dragon have fled to no one knows nor could the find him afterwords. Long afterwards Eragon always kept an eye out for him to resurface. The third and final dragon egg was recovered.

This egg, fortuantely enough a male, hatched for a elf woman named Ciri, the daughter of Ayra and Eragon. Sadly enough, Ayra was killed when Ciri was young during an accident and she was sorely missed. Eragon trained his daughter himself and her dragon Olanis. They patroled Alagaësia together, the last remnants of the Dragon Riders. As time wore on they left the shelter of Du Weldenvarden less and less.

With the Empire defeated and peace, the lands were rebuilt and people could move freely and without threat. The Dragon Riders were not needed as they once were. Saphira and Olanis had several clutches of eggs and they decided that to keep the Dragon Riders alive they would entrust some of their eggs to the Elves. Ceremonies to see if the eggs would hatch were only held every five years. There was no need for any Dragon Riders right then.

This peace time, nearly two centuries was not to last.

Before any one knew what was happening a massive uprising lead by an unknown man took Dras Leona and Gil'ead in hopes of forging a new Empire. With the peace time over, the Elves immediately held an egg ceremony in the hopes that one would hatch.

Will any of the eggs hatch? Will there be Dragon Riders in time to save Alagaësia from this shadowy threat from an unknown enemy?


Arget Aidail means "the silver morning star" translated from the Ancient Language. I am Dragonheart, your admin. All complaints, questions, comments, etc, are to be taken up with me. I promise I don't bite. In fact, I'm quite friendly. I do ask that you be patient with me. Being a full-time admin and an avid roleplayer takes time and you can't expect me to be miracle woman. Also, my computer hates me.

If you cannot tell, this is set in the future by two hundred years. Three dragon rider positions will be available, but I warn you they will be tough to get and hearts may be broken. Do not trouble too much though because we need lots of other characters and Eragon, Saphira, Ciri, and Olanis will all be available if anyone would like them as well as the leader of the new Empire.


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