The Yamari Empire

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Costs: free
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Frequency: as often as possible
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Type: Amazonian fantasy
Last-Update: 2006Nov19
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Millenia ago, a tribe of Amazons out on a search for new territory, passed through a portal into a parallel universe. Surprised to say the least and unable to return to their home, the tribe did the only thing they knew to do - they went on with their lives.

In order to carve out a territory for themselves, the tribe made war with the indigenous peoples, intermarried with them and made treaties with them, eventually becoming the dominant culture. While on Earth their culture died out and became the stuff of legend, the Yamari (as they now called themselves), that ancient society of women-warriors, continued strong.

As the years have gone by, great strides have been made in science and technology and the Yamari are now a space-faring race. The society's culture and beliefs have not changed nearly as much and remain much as they were in the Empire's beginnings.

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