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Costs: Free, or 10GB pounds for 120 days
Frequency: As often as orders are sent in
Email: [ bouncing email address ]
Type: Space wargame
Last-Update: 2006Aug25
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, computer, space, gui, wargame


RipSpace - a game of small fleet battles.

Your species finally boosts your ships onto the galactic tide. They fund your initial fleet, and you design your ships from the ground up. Once you have your ships you must establish and defend colonies.

Colonies give your fleet more income, and some small benefits. They are very simply created, and there is no economic management. This is a game of war.

Your fleet will be challenged in every system, around every star, their DarkLight hearts pulsing with the flare of attack drones, the pulse of EMP or the GravStar detonations. Careful fleet construction will see you obliterate your enemies, win new planets and hold them.

But the game is not about territory, the game is about combat, vessels and eventually epic battles where ancients of the deep fight duels to the death. It is about the fame of your captains and your abilities as a commander.

Through power you will prosper. And your enemies will flee before you.

Each solar system is a separate battle, and the turns will run when all players have sent in their orders. This means some battles will run quickly while others will run slower. It is down to the combatants. You can even fight private battles, lock down drones excluding reinforcements until victory is won, or your ships are forced to jump back to the deep dark.

Beta 2 opens in early September 2006, be the first to explore the universe and destroy your enemies.


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