XWP Writing and Role Play

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Costs: none but your time
Email: xena@amazonnation.ca
Frequency: As often as possible. At least 1 per week
URL: http://xwplist.tripod.com/ [ dead link ]
Type: Ancient World Fantasy
Last-Update: 2006Aug01
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg


This is a Yahoogroups email Novel Style RP writing list in which members write adventures as or about the characters in Xena:Warrior Princess. No duplicate characters (One Xena, one Gabrielle, etc.). Members can create their own characters as well. The action takes place circa 3rd season, so no Fall of the Olympians and no Hope/Dahok arc.

PLEASE NOTE that this is NOT your average RPG. We expect you to be able to write other characters as well as your own, as well as chat and banter with us. Typical Ancient World characters are always welcome to join us, you do not need to know anything about the Xenaverse to write and play with us, we welcome everyone who wants to write/play in a fun, chatty and active atmosphere.

Those who belong to the List are considered family, and nothing is "off topic". All are welcome here as long as the Rules are followed and fellow list members treated with respect. You must have at least a High School level of proficiency of writing to join this list and you *will* be asked to submit a short writing sample before you are added to the list. This list also has a NO LURKING policy and members *must* write at least once a week to remain onlist (barring acceptable excuses). Adults only please, and be advised that this group recognises subtext as maintext. In other words, X&G are *much* more than friends. Please don't join if you can't be active!


Played the game? You can send me comments to be placed on this page by writing lindahl@pbm.com. But don't write me attempting to join the game -- write the GM, whose address is above.

Are you the GM? You can update your listing by writing lindahl@pbm.com. If you have something new to say about your game, for example an opening for new players, you can create an announcement for your game.

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