In Day Of Yore..... a D&D 3rd Edition Game

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Costs: FREE
Frequency: A frequently as players post
Type: Fantasy RP
Last-Update: 2006Jul17
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Lord Zildrog Mezkor has recently come into rule. He inherited a rather large duchy, several smaller villages, a large port on the Greyling Sea, and a bizzare problem.

He is now seeking brave souls to help bring to heel the problems of his duchy. Are you such as he needs?

The Mine is the source of the Duchy's wealth. Suddenly shipments of ore ceased to come into Moltenholm. A detachment of soldiers were sent to investigate and never returned. A second detachment followed.

A lone soldier returned. Battered. Bloody. And with wild tales of strange creatures, death, and something he couldn't describe.


This meant to be a long term series of adventures. Only those who are willing to commit to this world, are mature, and are able to post several times a week should seek entrance.

We will be playing at:


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