Doctor Who: The RPG

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Costs: free
Frequency: Daily
Type: Space, adventure, fantasy
Last-Update: 2006Jun24
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, abstract


Join the Doctor and his friends on their next great adventure as they travel through time and space. It is the 23rd Century and man is reaching out into space to see what else lies out there, so a fleet of ships have been launched to take mankind out beyond the boundaries of their familiar planet known as Earth. The USS Bad Wolf is one of these ships. Players take note: While this portion of the RPG takes place in the 23rd century, this is NOT a Star Trek X over, so the rules and regulations of the Star Trek universe do not apply. Many of the crewmembers of the "Bad Wolf" could possibly be rogues and villains in their own right and the rules are made up as they go along.

Most of the core Doctor Who characters are already present (The Doctor, Rose & Captain Jack) and the story will take place between "Boom Town" & "Bad Wolf", but we need a variety of people to fill out the crew of the ship as well as new aliens.

The role of the Engineer have already been taken, but other necessary crewmembers will be needed; like a Captain, Ship's Doctor, Chief of Security, Navigator and First Officer just to name a few. Civilians will also be present on the ship and can and should play a key part in the game.

The game will allow for some adult behavior, both straight and slash relationships will be allowed as long as both players involved in that string are agreed, so for that reason, all players should be 17 or over. All players should submit a profile upon joining the game (a profile guideline will supplied to you upon entry into the game), and remember once you submit your profile and it is approved, you should enter into play immediately.

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