Cause & Effect

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Costs: Free
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Type: Fantasy, Fey, Sidhe
Last-Update: 2006May30
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When the fey were allowed to settle in America, they were forced to agree to certain limitations as well as peace between the courts. Many fey lost much of their power, as well as their true names and they were no longer gods. The peace between the Seelie and Unseelie Court did happen to a certain extent. The brutal wars and slaughters stopped, but peace never came. Even now in present day those that wander outside their own Sithen are asking for trouble. Assasinations, duels, rapes and political battles have not stopped. Those that were exiled from the Seelie Court also seek revenge now that they belong to the Unseelie Court.

Some of the Sidhe nobles have grown bored, and the younger fey born after the great wars are outside the rivalry. There are still a great many Sidhe of both Courts that have not forgotten past grievances and the Sidhe do not visit the other court. There is peace between the Goblins the Unseelie Court, and their alliance is firm. Each Court also retains it's own court of demi-fey.

The fey have diplomatic immunity and as long as their battles happen on their land, the humans are none the wiser. It is getting increasingly harder to retain good public relations with the human press, for both Courts. The Queen of the Seelie Court and King of the Unseelie Court are aware that one small slip in front of the humans would cause them unwanted trouble.

And so the discussions began, an uneasy alliance to be struck to save all of fey from being cast out of the last country that welcomes them without forcing them to give up their culture. In the end the Queen and King came to an agreement; The Queen's youngest daughter (Princess Bryanna) would marry the King's only son. With her eldest daughter married and with a child, the Queen does not fear the Unseelie Prince gaining access to the Unseelie throne.

The Queen has selected seven Guards to ensure Princess Bryanna's safety while she remains in the Unseelie Court. It has been left unsaid that the Seelie Nobles will never welcome the Princess or her Guards back to the Seelie Court. The Unseelie Court welcomes anyone, the Seelie Court does not, they fear the Unseelie Court.


Cause & Effect is based on Laurell K Hamilton's Merry Gentry series, using original characters and an original plot. It is open to people who are not familar with the book series as long as they have read and understood the information on the website.

Please see the website for all information and to join -


Other Information:

The RPG has just opened and so a lot of important characters are avaliable to be played. Please see this page for more details:

The RPG will begin with the Queen informing her youngest daughter of the alliance and her engagement to the Unseelie Prince. The selection of Guards sent with Princess Bryanna will include the Captain, two Guards that are her friends/allies, two neutral Guards and two Guards that do not like her. All of them will be aware that they are leaving the Seelie Court forever.

To begin the RPG we do need a lot of people involved in the plot, and as the RPG grows there will be more room for people to create sub-plots within each Court. The Nobles and Guards will be from a variety of political positions; some will try to stop the Princess even reaching the Unseelie Court, and there are bound to be some assassination attempts.


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