The World of Annitul

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Costs: nada
Frequency: daily
Type: ADnD
Last-Update: 2006Apr16
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


In the world of Annitul in the kingdom of Asdidan a golden age has passed and an age of darkness just began. A time in which goodly men are bowed by fear and poverty. And the gods themselves seem deaf to the prayers of the innocent. Cruelty is limitless, the price for the smallest infraction is death. It is as if a great cask had split open and poured forth washing the land in the crimson blood of the innocent. Every cry for mercy, every anguished tear brings forth only a greater injustice. It is an age of darkness, it is a time of man, a time of heroes.....but are there any left? Come now into our realm and see the plight of those few brave souls who dare to stand above the rest, cast off the shackles of tyranny and rise up to face the usurper. Come now into the world of Annitul.

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