St. Lawrence

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Costs: free
Frequency: 3 times per week min/2 per day max
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Type: Soap Opera
Last-Update: 2006Mar27
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg


Weddings and funerals are always what brings family and friends together after years apart. You know you will see people you haven't seen in many years. You know that you will be talking to the person you knew, that you loved. They will not be that person though. Change is the one true constant, but sometimes you still have a feeling of going back in time.

The setting is a little town tucked into a valley in the hills of Western Pennsylvania. There were once steel mills running in the area, but they were all shut down as the companies moved their opperations overseas. Despite the economic difficulties, new housing developments have been growing at the edges of town. Many people who work in Pittsburgh are willing to drive an hour, or more, so that they can live in the beautiful rolling hills. The town has seen good times and bad and has changed over the years. It will survive, even if it must be changed dramatically.

In this small town life are live, break-ups occur, people get married, husband's get drunk and are abusive, people rise above their own natures to do noble things, cat-fights break out and natural disasters plague everyone. It is a typical television soap opera, but set in a bit of a different setting.


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