Crimson Dancing

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Type: PbEM fantasy, based on world of Anita Blake
Last-Update: 2006Mar22
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, vampire, modern, rpg


Welcome to Shoalhaven, a town in Australia that has existed outside thenorms of vampire politics for 50 years. Until now. They have formedtheir own groups, all big cats merging together to form their ownPride, and have not been ruled by a vampire. Recently their freedom hasbeen shattered. Cain Ingram was sent to Shoalhaven to become the Masterof the City by the Vampire Council and he has now established control.The lycanthropes cannot get rid of him and now have the difficult taskof living with the vampires. Some lycanthropes have not managed this,and currently the bears are in a dire position with many of their topranks empty. Other lycanthropes are hanging on, making deals with thevampires to help protect those they care about.

Crimson Dancing has a rating of 16 years + and has no limit on graphic posts. The RPG is loosely based on the Anita Blake books by Laurell K Hamilton, but you do not need to have read these books to join and become an active member. All need to know information is on the website.

To Join - Please see the website .

Avaliable Species Vampires (Female) Lycanthropes (Big Cats, Bears and Wolves) Humans Necromancer (Male) Psychics Witches Humans

More information on avaliable positions, genders and species can be found There is also a requests page if you are interested in joining a plot, and an OOC group where you can ask questions or look for help from other members. The members of the RPG are friendly and you never need to worry about contacting them about anything. The GM/Moderator only steps in when there are problems with plots, otherwise it is up to the players. The RPG has also been open since 2004 so it is unlikely to stop any time soon - but don't worry about too many members or cliques. Want to seethe level of game play? Take a look at the RPG Group .

The GM can be reached at jyira(zat) or the RPG email cd(zat)


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