US Colonial Marines

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Type: Science Fiction / Military
Last-Update: 2006Mar05
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, rpg


US Colonial Marines Roleplaying game

US Colonial Marines RPG is a Science Fiction roleplaying game set in the 'Aliens' universe. Based closely on the second movie of the Alien franchise, US Colonial Marines RPG aims to faithfully replicate the mood, feel and atmosphere of the 'Alien' movies. Players incarnates the U.S Colonial Marines of the 03 batt, 2nd regiment, "Easy Eight" platoon. Options to play as a grunt, smartgunner, squadleader, medic and much more are available.

The game uses a custom written system and all rules are available on the website. The game itself uses a web-forum for its interaction between the GM and Players.


Nick the GM


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