Lost in Sigil

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Costs: free
Email: naka_kaigan_dee@hotmail.com
Frequency: every two or three days
Type: fantasy, planescape, multiverse
Last-Update: 2006Feb28
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


This is a game based in Sigil, the City of Doors, Centre of the Multiverse, the hub of reality, the place where all roads meet and where anybody who is anybody eventually ends up. You came here by accident, you've never been here before, and you've got no idea how to get back.

The group (6 characters) were yanked from their Prime Material Plane world, and are now at large in an infinite, mostly hostile multiverse that none of them can even begin to comprehend; a multiverse of fractious alliances, bickering philosophical clubs, warring fiends and Great Powers - a multiverse where one can visit planes of pure magma, float in an infinite void, fight the neverending Blood War across the battlefields of Hades...and even meet a God. A multiverse where beliefs are tangible things that can affect the nature of reality.


The campaign starts at 1st Level, and will hopefully go all the way to 20th. It will use mostly 2nd edition ad&d rules, but with a few special twists. Interested parties should send an email containing a basic character sheet together with a character history and description. Don't roll for stats, but on the character sheet place them in order of importance - I'll roll the stats myself later. Characters should be basic phb races (I prefer a well-rounded human character to anything else, but any race is welcome) of any class, and their allignment must be non-evil.


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