The Collinwood Slayer

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Type: erotic horror
Last-Update: 2006Feb25
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Darkness covers the town of Collinwood like a blanket...a cold wet and uneasy feeling blanket that chills one to the very center of their being. For we have recently learned that the undead do walk the halls of Collinwood, adding to the list of those creatures that creep along the halls of Collinwood. Barnabas Collins is but one of these undead creatures, he came to us as the last link to the European chain of the family...a chain that has not existed for 200 years. But not all of the creatures have died; Willie Loomis, a madman who came to us with an old friend of the family remains hidden somewhere on the ground, he is a man who is as much flesh and blood as you and I, but whose mental insatiability makes him as much of an unwanted creature as the ghosts and goblins and has disappeared on the night that Barnabas Collins made his appearance. I can take comfort in only a few people: Burke Devlin, who while he came as one who wanted to rip the Collins family to shreds, has recently become an ally of the family once certain ghosts of the past between him and the Collins family have been put to rest for all time. I can also take comfort in the friendship of Carolyn Stottard as well as Maggie Evans, the young lady who runs a restaurant in town whose father used to be an artist before certain things happened to him that caused him to forever put down his paintbrush and canvas. There are some new arrivals in town, of who I know nothing about, they in themselves seem menacing, of people of a different time and a different place one of them is a girl not much older than myself who goes by the name of...Buffy Summers.

This RPG takes place around the second season of Dark Shadows at the beginning of the Barnabas Collins era, when people are beginning to guess at what Barnabas Collins is, but are uncertain of the facts behind his existence, it also takes place before Burke Devlin's plane crash (which is generally before the flashback episodes):

Barnabas Collins

Elizabeth (Liz) Collins

Roger Collins

David Collins

Carolyn Stoddard

Burke Devlin

Victoria (Vicki) Winters

Willie Loomis

Maggie Evans

Doctor Julia Hoffman

Joe Haskil (sp)

Any pre-flashback characters I may have overlooked can be brought in, but any characters who appear AFTER the first Barnabas storyline won't be appearing (for example: Quentin Collins, Rev. Trask)

As far as Buffy goes, here's how I'm planning it: it takes place right after the destruction of Sunnydale, and her and her group goes through this time warp that was created that sets them down in the middle of Collinwood circa 1966. Characters allowed are:

Buffy Summers

Dawn Summers

Willow Rosenberg

Rupurt Giles

Xander Harris



NOTE: Spike and Angel are allowed and they can appear in one of several ways:

1. They can be caught in the time warp with Buffy

A. With Spike instead of his body disintegrating, he can be caught in the warp at the last second

B. With Angel, he could have hung around Sunnydale for longer than he lead us to believe and too could be caught up in it.


2. Pre-Buffy versions of Spike & Angel could be brought in (same goes with Dru, Darla and Joyce Summers (although she would be what 10 and living in LA.))

3. Spike & Angel could find their own way to go back in time to 1966 Collinwood (which is when the story would take place)

The name of the game is the Collinwood Slayer

All of the above mentioned characters are open EXCEPT for Willie Loomis, Burke Devlin & Giles. You may take up to four characters, and you play who you take AND you must audition for the characters.

Made-ups are allowed, but you must take them on a 1/1 ratio. In other words you must take a cannon character (from either Buffy or Dark Shadows) and have their profile approved before you introduce a made-up. Disposable characters can be unlimited and you don't need to fill out a profile for, but shouldn't appear for more than a few posts.

The game will be a low R (there will be some sexuality and low grade horror) so no one under 18 will be allowed. Serious players only, while it is understandable that some people like to lurk about in a RPG especially if they're new at it to see how it all works, I will not allow it at least until we get a core group going.


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