The Pyramid

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 3 per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: DnD 3.0
Last-Update: 2006Feb22
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


One year ago, the biggest caravan ever seen arrived to the city of Grokely. Large carriages, hundreds of people of different races, horses, construction tools, ponies, riding dogs, other animals and carts with cargo. They went directly to a large extension of empty land and as soon as they arrived they started building a squared stone fence.

A couple of weeks later the local population couldn't believe what they were seeing; the area covered by the fence was a square with sides longer than 1 mile! And everyday they made it taller and taller. They finished it after one month of work and it was so high that it was only comparable to a mountain.

The huge cube had only one entrance and it was always heavily guarded; nobody came out from there during the whole year and only a few people went in sporadically but they didn't come back out either.

One year has passed and after hearing several theories about what they could possibly be doing in there, the city wakes up with a short note posted on hundreds of walls: "Want to see what lies inside the stone fence? Come on now!"

During the morning a lot of people gets to the fence and gather in front of the closed entrance; when most of the city is there waiting, the door opens and a strange-looking dwarf comes out; he's wearing very elegant clothes and a lot of jewelry. Four huge and strong half-orcs come out behind the dwarf carrying a small wooden platform; they leave it a few feet outside the fence and each of them stands in a corner.

The dwarf stands on the platform and speaks loudly with a big proud smile "Welcome all! You've waited for a year so I won't make you wait longer, you will witness something amazing in no time..." He makes a pause and seconds later the whole fence simply disappears! Everyone applauds when they see what was behind the fence, a huge pyramid.

"This is the most wonderful construction in the whole world I assure you! I'll tell you some details about this beauty; each side of its base is one mile long and I don't really know how tall it is! It's too high to measure it! You can see that it has several horizontal divisions and each section has a different color, you will soon find out why"

The crowd cheers and the dwarf looks very satisfied "I had a little extra money and I decided to have fun, I've built this to hold the biggest, most challenging contest ever organized; anyone with adventurer's spirit can participate, but one and only one will arrive to the top of the pyramid!!!"

"Every contestant will begin at the base level, and after several challenging tests, we'll decide who goes further to the next level and who has to leave the contest. At the end, the best of all, the one and only, the chosen one, will arrive alone to the last level, the tip of the pyramid! That is all I have to say for now, those interested in participating, simply go through that door..."


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