Seven Descending

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Costs: -
Frequency: At least twice a week; more is welcomed, of course.
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: horror-fantasy, fiction, modern, seven deadly sins
Last-Update: 2006Feb14
Keywords: free, closed-ended, www, human, fantasy, modern, rpg


"The death of the world nears, brought on by the monsters that can only spring from man itself: its imagination. In the chaos, a seed from one of the world's major religion blossoms. What part do the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Virtues play? "

The world is in chaos.

The world is being torn apart.

Some say that death of the world is near at hand.

Whether you believe the nth prediction of "the impending Apocalypse" or not, you cannot deny the strange things you have seen with your very own eyes, even if it were only things you have seen on the news.

Beasts that have previously stalked the earth only in fairy tales and fanciful novels have collectively stepped out of fiction and culture into reality. Forget what you have been told about them--none of them seem favourably disposed towards the humans that have styled themselves the caretakers of this Earth. Most regard humans as food, some others, mere playthings.

In the day, you fancy you can feel something shadowing you, its eyes burning into your back. In the night, the shadows themselves seem to hold hisses and growls; something seems to be after you and you cannot shake off the feeling.

Your home in Brackenfalls has never felt so unsafe.

Unsurprisingly, the strange, anonymous invitation that you receive one day that tells you of the only place safe from these impossible creatures grabs hold of your interest.

It asks only that you come alone, and abandon whatever loved ones you have to the things that are destroying more and more of the world by the day...

Note: We are looking for one more character to take on the role of the last incarnation of the Sins/ Virtues--Greed/ Generosity. The game will start as soon as we get that last one. Preferably, the character should be male, but a good application would do. Please apply at the link provided up there.

Thank you.


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