U.S.S. Odyssey NCC-71832-A

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Email: epsilon@charter.net
URL: http://www.ussodyssey.net/ [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek PBeM Sim
Last-Update: 2006Feb08
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, human, startrek, sports


Over eight years of service to simming; the Odyssey will be celebrating it's ninth year this summer. To fulfill the dream of the Nine Years of Simming, we're in need of simmers! You don't have to be experienced in simming at all to join, however, if you have experience, that's even better! The story is set after the last movie, Star Trek Nemesis, in the year 2383 currently. The following are the positions open on the Odyssey...

Senior Staff Positions Available:

Head Flight Control Officer (CONN)* Chief Operations Officer* Chief of Security* Chief Engineer* Chief Medical Officer*

* Would like Experience, but not needed.

Secondary Staff Positions Available:

Strategic Operations Officer Flight Control Officer (CONN) Operations Officer Deputy of Security Security Officer Assistant Chief Engineer Chief Systems Engineer Officer Chief Medical Officer Assistant Chief Medical Officer Nurse Counselor Assisant Chief Science Officer Stellar Cartography Officer Science Officer Civilians

These need no experience at all, but experience is welcomed at these positions.

Captain Hoelzlhammer


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