Stairway to Heaven

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Type: Vampire the Masquerade
Last-Update: 2006Jan29
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, vampire, rpg


Vampire the Masquerade 3rd Edition game. Playing Camarilla ancillae ordered by Prince Villon to investigate and put down an anarch revolt in Lille, whilst trying to pursue their own agendas, avoiding succumbing to the beast, swatting neonates, plotting against fellow ancillae, and trying not to intrude on the schemes of elders with their own interests in Lille. Plenty of intrigue and politics, with both NPCs and other PCs, but there are opportunities for violence as well.

Game has been running a few months, but inevitable attrition means we could do with a few more players, and introducing new characters should not be difficult. Game is run via Storycrafter website which you have to join to play, but it is free, and easy to join.


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