Feudal Lords (other)

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Costs: free
Frequency: every 3 days
Email: feudal@feudalherren.org
URL: http://www.feudalherren.org [ dead link ]
Type: Medieval turn-based PBM game
Last-Update: 2005Dec21
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, mixed, fantasy, historical, german, wargame


Played in German and English.

Feudal Lords is the struggle for power and glory in a medieval land. All of the players strive for the crown. The one who is able to control more than half of all fiefdoms will be the new ruler and become the legitimate Queen or King.

Each player owns one fiefdom; the others are owned by the computer. You have to take care of your peasants, your townsmen, your knights and manage your land.

Battles have to be fought and campaigns to be won. You have to form alliances with other Ladies and Lords and play diplomatic games. At the end you may become Queen or King or at least belong to the winning party.

Submit your commands through a browser interface, receive the results via email. Every 3 days a game turn is performed. A map shows the the current political influence of all players.

You can compete in various medieval settings i.e. England, France, Spain, Germany, Japan. We run games with two to forty participants.

Keep in mind that diplomacy is the first step for a player to become Queen or King!


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