The Gilded Cage

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Set in 1866 Vermont.

The quintessential small New England town of Snow Valley lies on the western shore of Snow Lake, which stems from the Missisquoi River. It is as quaint and picturesque with the woodframe farmhouses, abundant evergreen and maple trees, and wildflower fields nestled in the northern Vermont hills, as it is modern and booming with red brick paved streets, an expanding streetcar line and industrial complexes. It was named Snow Valley in 1813 when the town founders discovered how much snow collected in the winter in the Valley due to high mountains flanking each side of Snow Lake. Cold, snowy winters bundled up by the fire do not discourage the good people of Snow Valley from holding the annual Maple Sugar Winter Festival over the Christmas holiday. Likewise, the summer brings boating, swimming and fishing on Snow Lake to help alleviate hot and humid afternoons.

Despite all of this, Snow Valley is a town still licking her wounds from the War Between the States, which ended just over a year ago. Many families are still missing loved ones from the battlefields and a great deal of the gentlemen walking the streets are veterans of that war, crippled by wounds both physical and mental. A good many Southerners, perhaps in refugee from their destroyed homelands, have decided to make Snow Valley their home to rebuild their lives. Northern versus Southern sectionalism has largely been pushed aside in the face of a common enemy, the Fenian Brotherhood, who continue to attack farms on the outskirts of town. Snow Valley is a town full of passion, mystery and intrigue. The stories, characters and business ventures are in your characters' hands (within reason) and it is up to you to make Snow Valley a living, breathing place.

Other information: We welcome anyone with a love for history, writing and creativity. New players must submit a writing sample before membership is approved. This is a very active group that averages between 1100 and 1500 posts a month, and between 30 and 100 posts a day. We prefer if a player can post at least once a week to keep up with the game's timeline.

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