Dutch Electronic Soccer LEAGUE

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Costs: zero
Frequency: one per week
Email: Commish@desl.nl [ok]
URL: http://www.desl.nl [ dead link ]
Type: email soccer game
Last-Update: 2007Jan19
Status: Season 3 starting in January, 2007
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, mixed, modern, sports


DESL is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week league. There is no such concept as sessions in this league. DESL operates on a divisional system, with no more than 12 teams in each division.

Players have individual qualities - Leadership, Determination, Team Ethics, and their Experience. The strength of these qualities is not made known to the manager on his roster - he has to discern them himself, by looking at his players performances and adjust his squad and team to take them into account. Each team submitting orders must submit a basic formation that their team will play. This formation can run from extremely defensive patterns (6-3-1) to highly attacking ones (3-2-5), while all the time retaining a competitive balance. The manager has to choose style and tactic to let his team perform. The style the manager chooses is the way in which players effective match performance points are apportioned between defensive duties and attacking duties. If one plays a more defensive style, players give a greater percentage of their EMP to defensive points.

Match tactics affect players EMP either positively or negatively according to the tactic. At the moment 24 managers are competing in two leagues, the managers come from all continents.


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